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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Farm pregnancy 'cuts asthma risk'

There is an interesting article at BBC news website( which is about living on a farm during pregnancy may help to reduce the chance of the child developing asthma, eczema and even hayfever. Scientists have done a study among 1,300 farmers' children and they found that this protection could start building even before birth. Scientists believed that if the children or the pregnant women are living on the farm, that means they frequent contact with animal bacteria, perhaps through the consumption of unpasteurised milk, or contact with the animals directly, thus the bacteria suppress the production of particular immune cells that linked to the development of asthma. However, the reasons why this happen still are unclear. I enjoyed reading this article because i gained knowledge after reading this article. Moreover, this article explains how the scientists can carried out researchers based on human biodiversity.

Australia suffering 'man drought'

I have read an article on BBC news website ( written by Phil Mercer. An analysis of new census figures has shown that Australia is suffering from a "man drought". The statistics have revealed that there are almost 100,000 more females than males in Australia.
Why does this “man drought” phenomenon happen in Australia? It happens because a lot of women have moved to major cities seeking better jobs and lifestyles, they have left behind communities overloaded with younger males, while many men have gone overseas. Therefore, it causes a gender imbalance. Yet, the situation outside of the larger towns and cities is very different. In the town of Glenden in the northern state of Queensland there is one single female for every 23 men. I enjoyed reading it because the text is easy to understand and it is interesting.

Arrow fired through family's cat

There is an interesting article published on BBC news website ( about a family cat is expected to survive after its body was pierced by an 18-inch aluminium arrow. The cat named Marmite managed to make itself back to its home in the Scottish Borders village of Newcastleton after being struck. The cat was then taken by its owner Mark Richardson to the Capon Tree veterinary surgeon at Longtown to remove the arrow through delicate procedure. The vet said that if it had been half an inch lower, the arrow would have hit its organs and a couple of inches higher would have shattered its spine. I enjoyed reading it because this article explains the miracle happens to this cat which happens to be still alive even after the tragedy. After than that, the cat unbelievably managed to track down its owner.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Grasping life

An interesting article has been published in Reader’s Digest (July 2004, page 20 – 27) written by Marc Lerner which about a man named Hsieh Kun-shan lost his limbs due to an accident happened in his workplace. Despite his disabilities, he refused to give up hope for himself and other like him. He is now a successful artist after his efforts to learn the technique – moving his head to manipulate a brush clenched in his teeth. He said that he has no right to give up the will to live and he promised he will not give up himself. He is now having his own family and has two beautiful daughters. I enjoyed reading it because it shows the dedication of a disabled man to make a living.

Robo-skeleton lets paralysed walk

I have read an interesting article on BBC news website ( which is about an engineer named Amit Goffer, who is suffering from paralysis, has created an alternative to the wheelchair for mobility. He created a robotic suit that helps people paralysed from the waist down do what was previously considered impossible - stand, walk and climb stairs.
This device is now in clinical trials in Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Centre and only suitable for people who still have good control over their hands and shoulders.

Although this device still in clinical trial state, but it has successfully helped Radi Kaiof who has been paralysed for the last 20 years following an injury during his service in the Israeli military. Radi said this device has changed his life as he never dreamed of being able to walk again. I really enjoyed reading it because it introduces me a great invention. I hope this great invention can be found in the market soon.

Boy has shoulder made from elbow

This morning, i have read a news at BBC website ( regarding a boy has his shoulder made from elbow. His name is Tom Lemm, 15, from Pontefract. He was a teenage cancer pantient, who had a tumour at the top of the limb. Hence, doctors from Leeds General Hospital used tissue and muscle from his unaffected elbow to rebuild his shoulder by reconstructing a shoulder joint. A metal plate was inserted to his collar bond after the joint of his shoulder has been removed. What a surprise and tremendous thing here is his new shoulder will be able to support artificial limb. I really enjoyed reading because i was moved by the action of that little boy as he never gives up his life and always thinks optimistically.

Denmark - the happiest place on earth

I have read a news on BBC website ( which is about a scientist named Adrian White, from the UK's University of Leicester, used the responses of 80,000 people worldwide to map out subjective wellbeing. He found that Denmark is the happiest country on earth, followed closely by Switzerland and Austria. The UK ranked 41st. Zimbabwe and Burundi came bottom.

He said he was surprised to see countries in Asia scoring so low, with China 82nd, Japan 90th and India 125th. He also did mention that a nation's level of happiness was believed most closely associated with health, prosperity and education levels of her people. I did not enjoy reading this article because it did not mention Malaysia's rank on happiness.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miami gets 600 solar bus shelters

Have you ever heard of solar bus station? Well, you can now find it in Miami. I have read an article published on Yahoo!Green website ( Actually, there is a media company Fuel Miami, LLC has come up with a brilliant idea to boost its company, its advertisers in the city of Miami where utilising solar power most obvious. The company had installed 600 solar-powered bus shelters in Miami. The shelters are believed will save about 2 tons of CO2 emissions each.

I hope that this particular case may encourage other media companies and our residents to make similar moves to make our world a better place to stay. I enjoyed reading this article because i gained new knowledge after reading it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Safe plastic or no plastic?

As we know, we are not encouraged to keep using the same plastic bottle for a long time as a chemical substance which may be harmful to us might leach out. According to Yahoo!Green website, that substance is actually called BPA. It is used in the production of polycarbonate plastics (reusable drinking bottles and baby bottles), epoxy resins (canned food linings), and white dental sealants. It is also added to certain types of children's toys to make them more flexible. According to the researchers, a low-level exposure to BPA is not a problem, but constant low-level exposure may be harmful, especially for children whose bodies are still developing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had recently conducted a study and found BPA in the urine of 93% of the 2,517 participants analyzed. Those researchers also believe that BPA may have hormone-like effects on reproductive system and neuro-behavioral changes in the offspring. Now, the consumer demand is forcing the manufactures to stop its distribution. We are urged to look for plastics that are marked BPA-free. I enjoyed reading this article because it is related to our daily lives. Source:

Heat your vegetables!

A study has been done by researchers in Spain, published in Reader's Digest(July 2004, page 136) suggested that the best way to cook vegetables is using the microwave. Microwaving is the best way to cook the vegetables because it is fast and only requires little water. According to the Barry Swanson, a food scientist at Washington University, the more water and time we use in cooking vegetables, the more nutrients are destroyed or leak into water. I doubted this article because i think that the electromagnetic wave could depletes the minerals and vitamins in the vegetables.

Vitamin E!

I have read an article published in the Reader's Digest(March 2005, page 63) which is regarding not to consume too much vitamin E. Researchers led by epidemologist Edgar Miller reviewed with 19 studies had found that the risk of death increased by 5% if people took more than 400 IU of vitamin E daily. That means taking too much vitamin may cause death. I am really surprised with this findings. However, taking vitamin E in low doses is good for healthy skin and boost immunity. I enjoyed reading this article because it made me aware the consequences of taking too much vitamin.

Scientist create bugs that eat waste excrete petrol

As we know, the petroleum will be used up soon. Hence, scientists are trying hard to find the renewable sources than can replace the petrol. Recently, i have read an article which is about the scientists from LS9 company had modified the genetic of bugs and let them feed on the wheat straw and woodchips to excrete petrol. The oil which is excreted by bugs(actually are single-cell organisms, each a fraction of a billionth the size of an ant) named "Oil 2.0" which is not only renewable but also environmental friendly. It is cheaper than the crude oil as it does not involve in complicated procedure as cracking. It slso emits less carbon than the petrol. Now, those scientist are trying to build a plant which can produce a large quantities of petrol to fulfill the global demand. I enjoyed reading this article because it is interesting and fascinating. Source:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Egg Expertise for Lay People

This article is about the hen diet will affect the taste of its egg. I enjoyed reading this article because it is interesting. Just like humans, more healthy mother will deliver more healthy son. Thus, if the hen eat healthy, it produces better eggs. A hen that given feed free of synthetic pesticides and fertiliser will lay organic eggs. An author of the cookbook "Country Egg, City Egg", Gayle Pirie did mentioned in the article that organic eggs will perform better in cooking. (page138) So, if we want to buy organic eggs, we need to know what the hen feeds on. Source:Reader's Digest March 2005

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What makes a good power point presentation?

A good power point presentation should have following criteria:
1. Have an good attention getter
2. Use visual aid especially those interesting pictures
3. Avoid using too much words or wordy
4. Use proper font's colour that suits the background's colour
5. Use simple and proper background
6. Have body and good conclusion that could leave an impact to the audience
7. Don't put too much chart in one slide, one is enough
8. Use suitable font size
9. The slide can be seen clearly and easy to be read
10.Use simple words that can be easily understood by the audience

What makes a good presenter?

A good presenter should have the following criteria:
1.Have eye contact with the audience
2.Have the weight on both feet
3.Open double hand when he are talking
4.Speak clearly and loudly so that the audience can hear you
5.Be yourself
6.Don't stop when you had made mistake
7.Don't show the back to the audience
8.Be prepared before present
9.Know the time, place, condition and your audience
10.Presentation must not be too long or else it will lose audience's concentration
11.Have proper gesture as listed below:
a.Have the shoulders wide apart
b.One foot slightly in front of the other
c.Lean forward 3-5 degree to show sincerity
d.Touch his chin slightly in and relax
12.Show your confidence to the audience when you speak to get attention
These are the criteria i have learn from the video shown in class.