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Monday, October 6, 2008

Electronic cigarettes

Have you ever heard of electronic cigarettes? Now, as what i have read on BBC news website, the sales of the electronic cigarettes has been raised in UK. The electronic cigarettes use replaceable cartridge with shots of nicotine, but have become popular because they are not covered by the smoking ban.

Some of the smokers believe that the cigarettes were healthier than normal cigarettes as they do not contain tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide. Yet, experts are worried as users inhale a fine heated mist and there is a lack of regulation. However, Jason Cropper, managing director of the Electronic Cigarette Company, has claimed that it is more healthier than the real cigarettes as they had done the experiment on mice. I do not enjoyed reading the article because it does not related to me and i think electronic cigarettes could not help in cutting down the number of smokers. Those smokers will think that electronic cigarettes is more healthier than the real cigarettes yet they forget inside the cigarettes still contain nicotine.


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